QEMU tutorial debugging

You may wish to test out the commands in this tutorial as a script to check for copy-paste mistakes.

If you successfully launched the virtual machine, but couldn’t log in, there are a few places to check to debug your setup.

To debug, answer the following questions:

Did cloud-init discover the IMDS webserver?

The webserver should print a message in the terminal for each request it receives. If it didn’t print out any messages when the virtual machine booted, then cloud-init was unable to obtain the config. Make sure that the webserver can be locally accessed using curl or wget.

$ curl
$ curl
$ curl

Did the IMDS webserver serve the expected files?

If the webserver prints out 404 errors when launching QEMU, then check that you started the server in the temp directory.

Were the configurations inside the file correct?

When launching QEMU, if the webserver shows that it succeeded in serving user-data, meta-data and vendor-data, but you cannot log in, then you may have provided incorrect cloud-config files. If you can mount a copy of the virtual machine’s filesystem locally to inspect the logs, it should be possible to get clues about what went wrong.