This datasource reads metadata, vendor data and user data from Oracle Compute Infrastructure (OCI).

Oracle platform

OCI provides bare metal and virtual machines. In both cases, the platform identifies itself via DMI data in the chassis asset tag with the string ''.

Oracle’s platform provides a metadata service that mimics the 2013-10-17 version of OpenStack metadata service. Initially, support for Oracle was done via the OpenStack datasource.

Cloud-init has a specific datasource for Oracle in order to:

  1. Allow and support the future growth of the OCI platform.

  2. Address small differences between OpenStack and Oracle metadata



The following configuration can be set for the datasource in system configuration (in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg or /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/).


A boolean, defaulting to False. If set to True on an OCI Virtual Machine, cloud-init will fetch networking metadata from Oracle’s IMDS and use it to configure the non-primary network interface controllers in the system. If set to True on an OCI Bare Metal Machine, it will have no effect (though this may change in the future).


An integer, defaulting to 30. The maximum time in seconds to wait for the metadata service to become available. If the metadata service is not available within this time, the datasource will fail.


An integer, defaulting to 5. The time in seconds to wait for a response from the metadata service before retrying.

Example configuration

An example configuration with the default values is provided below:

  configure_secondary_nics: false
  max_wait: 30
  timeout: 5