The Akamai datasource provides an interface to consume metadata on the Akamai Connected Cloud. This service is available at and fd00:a9fe:a9fe::1 from within the instance.


The Akamai datasource supports the following configuration, although in normal use no changes to the defaults should be necessary:

      ipv6: http://[fd00:a9fe:a9fe::1]
        token: /v1/token
        metadata: /v1/instance
        userdata: /v1/user-data
    allow_local_stage: True
    allow_init_stage: True
    allow_dhcp: True
    allow_ipv4: True
    allow_ipv6: True
    - f2:3
  • base_urls

    The URLs used to access the metadata service over IPv4 and IPv6 respectively.

  • paths

    The paths used to reach specific endpoints within the service.

  • allow_local_stage

    Allows this datasource to fetch data during the local stage. This can be disabled if your image does not want ephemeral networking used.

  • allow_init_stage

    Allows this datasource to fetch data during the init stage, once networking is online.

  • allow_dhcp

    Allows this datasource to use dhcp to find an IPv4 address to fetch metadata with during the local stage.

  • allow_ipv4

    Allow the use of IPv4 when fetching metadata during any stage.

  • allow_ipv6

    Allows the use of IPv6 when fetching metadata during any stage.

  • preferred_mac_prefixes

    A list of MAC Address prefixes that will be preferred when selecting an interface to use for ephemeral networking. This is ignored during the init stage.

Configuration Overrides

In some circumstances, the Akamai platform may send configurations overrides to instances via dmi data to prevent certain behavior that may not be supported based on the instance’s region or configuration. For example, if deploying an instance in a region that does not yet support metadata, both the local and init stages will be disabled, preventing cloud-init from attempting to fetch metadata. Configuration overrides sent this way will appears in the baseboard-serial-number field.