This datasource supports reading from the metadata server used on the Exoscale platform.

Use of the Exoscale datasource is recommended to benefit from new features of the Exoscale platform.

The datasource relies on the availability of a compatible metadata server ( is used by default) and its companion password server, reachable at the same address (by default on port 8080).

Crawling of metadata

The metadata service and password server are crawled slightly differently:

  • The “metadata service” is crawled every boot.
  • The password server is also crawled every boot (the Exoscale datasource forces the password module to run with “frequency always”).

In the password server case, the following rules apply in order to enable the “restore instance password” functionality:

  • If a password is returned by the password server, it is then marked “saved” by the cloud-init datasource. Subsequent boots will skip setting the password (the password server will return “saved_password”).
  • When the instance password is reset (via the Exoscale UI), the password server will return the non-empty password at next boot, therefore causing cloud-init to reset the instance’s password.


Users of this datasource are discouraged from changing the default settings unless instructed to by Exoscale support.

The following settings are available and can be set for the datasource in system configuration (in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/).

The settings available are:

  • metadata_url: The URL for the metadata service (defaults to
  • api_version: The API version path on which to query the instance metadata (defaults to 1.0)
  • password_server_port: The port (on the metadata server) on which the password server listens (defaults to 8080).
  • timeout: the timeout value provided to urlopen for each individual http request. (defaults to 10)
  • retries: The number of retries that should be done for an http request (defaults to 6)

An example configuration with the default values is provided below:

    metadata_url: ""
    api_version: "1.0"
    password_server_port: 8080
    timeout: 10
    retries: 6