This datasource finds metadata and user-data from the CloudSigma cloud platform. Data transfer occurs through a virtual serial port of the CloudSigma’s VM and the presence of network adapter is NOT a requirement, See server context in the public documentation for more information.

Setting a hostname

By default the name of the server will be applied as a hostname on the first boot.

Providing user-data

You can provide user-data to the VM using the dedicated meta field in the server context cloudinit-user-data. By default cloud-config format is expected there and the #cloud-config header could be omitted. However since this is a raw-text field you could provide any of the valid config formats.

You have the option to encode your user-data using Base64. In order to do that you have to add the cloudinit-user-data field to the base64_fields. The latter is a comma-separated field with all the meta fields whit base64 encoded values.

If your user-data does not need an internet connection you can create a meta field in the server context cloudinit-dsmode and set “local” as value. If this field does not exist the default value is “net”.